This year many countries around the world celebrated the 100-year anniversary of its respective Air Force.
Without any doubt the european highlight in 2010 had been the 100-year anniversary of the French Naval Air Force in June at the Naval Base of Hyeres. The location was chosen well. Situated on the Cote d'Azur, the spotter and guests from all over the world were spoilt with sunshine and warm temperatures.

By chance the anniversary weekend coincided with the return of the carrier group of the USS Harry S. Truman to the U.S.! And this had been the great chance for the European spotters to see and enjoy a nuclear aircraft carrier and its squadrons from close up. The U.S. Navy participated made a splash and appeared to the celebrations with a total number of 8 aircraft in the static, 2 of them CAG-Birds! But the other Marines had been great, too and so we could enjoy the rare opportunity to see for example Harrier of 3 different countries. And the French Navy allowed itself again the luxury of a special colored Super Etendard.

It was a real magnificent celebration which we will remember still in future years with great pleasure.

100 years Aeronavale - Hyeres Airshow 2010

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